Friday, December 7, 2007

Struggling to be heard

These drummers sing and play rhythms that were silenced for decades by the US authorities, together with their native language and a voice to protest countless injustices. This appeal is to raise awareness and support for the Lakota Sioux Native Americans living on Pine Ridge, Rosebud and other Lakota Reservations in South Dakota USA. Efforts to have their traditional culture restored is only part of the continuing struggle for human rights the Lakota endure since Reservation boundaries were imposed on Native land more than 140 years ago.

Your help is desperately needed!

Today, descendents of families who defended their land at The Little Big Horn and those who escaped the Wounded Knee massacre live with the legacy of the atrocities. They endure hardship, neglect and extreme poverty. Reservation housing is severely sub-standard, healthcare very poor. Basic needs are not being met and funds are desperately needed. Especially for heating. Please see the urgent fuel appeal.

These Lakota drummers are singing for the 'Protection of Sacred Sites'. The Lakota struggle is neglected by the media and support is needed to raise awareness. Read my blogs, check my links and make donations! Become a Facebook friend and help me to organise events to raise awareness and funds. Come on! Retune your heads - lets drum.

Thanks, Dave

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