Friday, December 7, 2007

Urgent fuel for Elders appeal

Lakota Elders, the sick and disabled suffer badly with the extreme winter weather conditions in South Dakota. Over 60% of homes on the Pine Ridge Reservation are severely sub-standard, many without running water or electricity. Winter low temperatures average 9*F (November through February) and this is made worse with bitter wind-chill factors and record temperatures reaching -44* below 0*F (1996). Lakota people have died from hypothermia due to inability to pay for heating.

Lakota residents heat their homes or trailers with propane gas or wood burning stoves. Some residents may even use their oven for warmth.

You can help to fund the supply of wood and propane gas which is always desperately needed by making donations on-line to The Link Center Foundation (LCF). LCF is a non-profit organisation which deals directly with companies to supply emergency fuel to Pine Ridge, Rosebud and other Lakota Reservations to the Elderly, Disabled and ill.

Please check my link to LCF and make a donation today!

Picture: Kalpesh Lathigra - Lost in the wilderness.

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